By Appointment Only! Call or Text 678-358-3920 for Scheduling. 

Our pro audio services begin with a full consultation and provide stereo installation, speaker and subwoofer installation, amplifier hook up and install, as well as sound insulation performed by a certified sound engineer. Most stereo shops use inferior components, tools, and methods. Don’t be fooled by lower prices, claiming the same level of service. All of our audio connections are soldered with heat shrink where applicable and reflect true AWG standard copper or gold plating where applicable.

We specialize in quality over quantity. We are NOT a high volume shop. Each vehicle is carefully evaluated and worked on in a no rush setting. Because of this, that is why we are appointment only! Regardless of if your car is a classic, daily driver, or you’re simply selling your car and want it to be as presentable as possible, Anchor Customs is ready to step in and make the process as comfortable as possible. Call or text today to schedule your appointment at our Tucker location!

Our auto spa provides the following services:

Hand washing and wax, vacuum interior and trunk, polishing and buffing, engine bay cleaning and protectant, window polishing, interior steam and stain removal, light to moderate paint correction, alloy wheel detailing, belt lubrication and treatment, ABS Plastic conditioning and treatment, and MUCH more! Anchor Customs is your one stop shop to keep your car looking new or getting back in shape.